The customer demands for a strong security in business operations are increasing every year. Post COVID-19 pandemic the demand for touch-less systems is increasing especially in the field of Access control and Employee management.

Our innovative biometric terminals provide individuals a friction-less access to secured areas. These can be used ; alone or in combination with contact-less cards, standalone or IP-networked, indoor or outdoor.. The biometric time clocks provide accurate time-in and time-out records enabling workforce management efficiency.
Our access solutions are designed to be modular and space efficient. With IP65, they can be used outdoors in any weather.  The dust resistance and waterproof features add to the life-cycle of the products.

Biometric face recognition with temperature measuring terminal.


Secure. Integrated. Accurate. The device  is coupled with advanced infrared thermometer, which provides highly-accurate body temperature detection for fever screening in real time. It also equipped with multi-factor authentication that unifies facial recognition, RFID authentication and fingerprint recognition (option) for better security even through mask. The device  is delivering a safer and more hygienic mode of authentication and identification while helping detect possible infection cases.


To protect their premises, organizations need access control solutions that provide a high level of security without being detrimental to the employees experience, having ease and speed of use.
Running on a high speed processor, the face devices can hold  a high number of face templates. They work even on a low light and in high sunlight areas with a very high speed of facial recognition. All terminals are aesthetically designed to suit the areas of operations. The time attendance data can be customized and also  integrated to any of the Payroll management solutions.

Biometric Face Recognition Device
Biometric terminals


Mobile. Durable. Reliable. The BM7500 Biometric Mobile Terminal offers uncompromising accuracy even in the toughest environment. It comes equipped with an HD camera, a barcode reader, and multiple connectivity making it ideal for implementations such as remote Financial services, National ID,Voter verification,  Health care, KYC solution, Time Attendance and Law enforcement. The BM7500 is easily customized for any application, and runs on Android 5.1 operating system.


Multi-connected. Heavy-duty. Highly-Interoperable. The BM5510 Handheld Verification Device is the top biometrics solution option for law enforcement, voter verification, National ID, and other applications needing multi-connectivity and mobility. The device features 2G, 3G, Wifi, NFC, and Bluetooth connectivity, giving unmatched options for fast data transfer. The ARATEK BM5510 features BIONE, ARATEK’s patented algorithm that drives the device’s optical scanner and HD camera to work in sync, providing flawless performance even in the most demanding.

Biometric handheld device
Fingerprint scanners


Aratek optical fingerprint scanners offer large capture areas, excellent image quality and rapid capture speed. The durable capture windows support up to 1 million finger touches. Dependable fingerprint capture for the most demanding requirements. The Aratek A600 Fingerprint Scanner uses superior biometrics technology that combines advanced features with ease of use. Live Finger Detection (LFD) Technology, FBI PIV, Mobile ID FAP 20, STQC Certified.


Point of Sale system or POS, is the place where your customer makes the payment for products or services at your store. The POS serves as the central component for your business. The Devices we offer for a POS system are Handheld terminal , desktop terminal, printers and tablets from Lenovo. Any of these devices can be inter connected as part of the POS system. 

POS handheld device
Biometric Products