Visitor Management



VisiApp is a digital book of your visitors. It is a one to one kiosk-based Visitor Management System. It is a productive way to meet visitors and manage your meetings at workplaces, residential buildings, R&D labs and educational institutes. VisiApp gives you full control of your Visitor with updated pictures, names, mobile numbers and purpose of visit. You can retrieve information at any point of time from anywhere in the world.


VisiMaster (kiosk), is placed at the entry gate while the host app or the VisiApp is installed on the host's smartphone.
VisiMaster kiosk greets a visitor and asks them to enter their phone number. The system validates the phone number. In case of a new visitor, the visitor will get an authentication OTP on the phone number that they entered. The old/regular visitor skips this procedure. Upon validating the OTP, the visitor is prompted to pose for a photo and subsequently is asked to enter their name, company details, vehicle no. and things carried by them.

The next step is to choose the name of the person they are visiting by picking their name from a directory shown on the screen. At this point, the cloud-based VisiApp engine is triggered. It establishes a two way communication channel between the smart phone of the host chosen by the visitor and the kiosk. At this point, the host gets a notification on his smart phone displaying the visitor’s mobile number, name & his/her photo. The host has a choice to accept the visitors entry, to reject it, speak with the visitor or send a message to the visitor.


  • Get your visitors photo before you meet them.

  • Visitor verification using OTP.

  • Easy to manage web dashboard to manage all your visitor's data.

  • Print badges for your visitors with QR codes.

  • Access Control: Opening of doors and boom barriers.

  • Send notifications for events to all your users and monitor responses in real-time. 

  • Mobile and Tablet Friendly.

  • Data stored on the cloud.

  • Dedicated email support and helpline number. 

Visitor Management
Visitor Management Dashboard