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An extra layer of authen􀆟ticati􀆟on to protect the data with ease, strong secure connecti􀆟on. A Second Factor Authenti􀆟ca􀆟tion (2FA) solu􀆟tion that employs mobile devices as authen􀆟ticati􀆟on factors. Forget expensive and cumbersome tokens, or non-user-friendly SMS OTPs. With this 2FA deployment, management and support get simplified. Achieve up to 40% reduc􀆟tion in Total Cost of Ownership ( TCO ) as compared to hardware tokens. With op􀆟tion of on premises deployment or cloud based 2FA-as-a-Service, you can tailor it to your exact needs. CyLock uses technology your users already possess and are familiar with smartphones and tablets. What’s more, with industry leading feature set and secure Out-of-Band authenti􀆟cati􀆟on, it stands apart from the competition. Whether you are looking to add 2FA to log-in systems or for transac􀆟tions, VPNs to SSH, CyLock is the 2FA soluti􀆟on you deserve.



  • No Hardware Required: CyLock is a token-less 2FA solu􀆟tion. So no need for special hardware /token device to generate
    OTP during authen􀆟ticati􀆟on. Authen􀆟ticati􀆟on is done through end users mobile phone.

  • Easy Self Enrollment: Enrolling end-users into a 2FA system is a time-consuming, error prone and costly process. That is why CyLock comes with a convenient, QR code based, self-enrollment feature. With a quick scan of a custom generated QR Code and few taps, your users are automati􀆟cally enrolled and protected by CyLock.

  • Cloud or On-Premises: CyLock can be deployed either on cloud (AWS or Azure or Google or any other cloud service
    provider) or on-premise data center.

  • Out of Band Authen􀆟ca􀆟on: Averti􀆟ng modern cyber-a􀆩ttacks such as Phishing, Man in the Middle (MITM) and other
    Single Channel a􀆩ttacks require sophis􀆟ticated 2FA soluti􀆟ons. Exis􀆟ng solu􀆟tions such as OTP hardware tokens, SMS OTPs, Phone OTPs or even transacti􀆟on signing tokens do not offer full protecti􀆟on against these a􀆩ttacks. CyLock employs secure secondary channel communica􀆟tion with your enterprise apps and services, otherwise known as an Out-of-Band channel, to overcome such a􀆩ttacks.

Cylock MFA
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