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RFID Solutions



In a fast-paced global economy, there is little room for mistakes. Organizations still reliant on manual asset management methods—barcodes, spreadsheets, and sticky notes—risk making costly errors that can have big impacts down the line. Businesses need to know the location, inventory levels, and maintenance records of assets in real time so they can operate efficiently and effectively. RAIN RFID asset & inventory management solutions are transforming your businesses by making operations smarter, simpler and more streamlined. Accurate real time data put you in the drivers seat . Helps you optimize operations, eliminate inefficiencies and streamline processes. The Assets & Inventory management solutions include shipment verification, asset management, inventory location, content verification, and pallet build verification.

Asset and Invetory Management


Processing laundry and uniforms poses a unique problem: many items look identical but need to be identified and tracked individually. Consider that commercial laundry can feature hundreds of identical-looking uniforms, linens and towels and tracking inventory starts to look like a mess. RAIN RFID readers and tags create an automated system to keep track of each individual item, and information like the owner’s name, the way it’s supposed to be washed, where it should be returned, and more— ensuring laundry tracking is a simple, clean process.

Laundry Management


Every healthcare enterprise is challenged to deliver the best possible patient care while reducing costs and improving outcomes. Our Item Intelligence helps healthcare providers know where medical supplies, equipment and staff are located at all times, keeping the focus on patient care and not on operational tasks. With our healthcare solutions, hospitals and other medical facilities can save time, reduce inventory spend, and improve patient care – allowing clinicians to spend more time doing what they do best. Item Intelligence is the data that streams wirelessly from items tagged with RAIN RFID technology. It provides real-time, actionable information about each tagged item’s identity, location and authenticity.

Hospital Management


In the modern world where security and efficiency are of utmost importance, soluti􀆟ons for vehicle management are necessary. Vehicle management using RFID tags includes the Vehicle Tracking & Parking Management Soluti􀆟ons. Both these solu􀆟tions ensure safety, efficiency and ease of opera􀆟tions in all sectors.

Vehicle Management
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