Time Attendance Solutions



Post-COVID Pandemic a large chunk of workforce has been assigned Work From Home-WFH. The challenge during this period is to get accurate Attendance of the work force and tabulating them for Payroll and HR management. The OTGHR       ( On the go HR ) solution using the Employee Mobile phone makes  your office attendance available to anyone and everyone in your organization without the use of old, clunky, and boring software binding you to the same network. OTGHR takes care of the minutest details which might be causing you troubles as of now. With features like Geo-tagging, selfie attendance, Multi Location, Leave Management  and reports on demand on the cloud, the attendance system is automated with ease and the data collected can be integrated into any company HRMS software.

Workforce Management


Keeping an accurate record of student’s attendance and performance is an important but challenging job, as there are only limited number of teachers and a lot of time is wasted in taking the attendance in classes. Schools & Colleges constantly are looking for cost effective solutions to solve these challenges. The versatile Biometrics Smart Terminal and the Smart Roll Call solution is the answer to these issues in schools and colleges, as it  offers to manage student’s time and attendance with security and accuracy. Student clocks in and out by fingerprint authentication allows parents and school to know the whereabouts of the children. As mobile payment becomes more popular, these biometrics smart terminals  allow students to make payment with fingerprint authentication from their account. With this secure way of payment, parents can review all transactions and put more money into children’s account whenever the funds are used up. 

Student Attendance


Payroll Management System is the system by which an employer can manage the salaries of the employees. It includes salary, allowances, deductions, and net payable to the employees. It also deals with the generati􀆟on of pay-slips. Complicated computations that are performed manually can be automated using the payroll system.
Ensuring employees are paid accurately and on 􀆟time is a significant part of the business priority for every organization. Our Payroll Management System reduces the burden associated with employee payments and at the same 􀆟time makes the management of employee payroll transparent offering complete control of the payroll run.

Payroll Management